Install Marratech 6.1 desktop video conferencing software on Dapper/Edgy clients.

Convert .rpm installer archive into .deb archive.
Install .deb archive and create menu icon.

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Point your web browser to www.marratech.com/download. Select the Linux version and, when prompted, save the file somewhere accessible (such as on your desktop). The downloaded file will be an .rpm archive which needs to be converted to a .deb archive for Ubuntu. To do this, open a Terminal window and enter the following commands. Note that these commands assume you have saved version 6.1 of the Marratech client to your desktop and you don't already have alien installed. Amend the commands below to match your circumstances.

apt-get install alien
cd /home/[username]/Desktop
alien -k Marratech-6.1.i586.rpm
dpkg -i marratech_6.1-956_i386.deb

To add Marratech to the Applications menu do the following...

Right-click the Applications menu and select Edit Menus. The Alacarte Menu Editor will open. Select Internet and click File / New Entry. Give the entry a name and Comment (such as Marratech and Desktop Video Conferencing). Click Browse and highlight File System. Browse to /usr/local/marratech/Marratech6.1/bin/Marratech and click Open. Click the No Icon button and select an icon to use. Click OK when finished.

Close the Alacarte Menu Editor when done and Marratech should now be available under the Applications/Internet menu.

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