A good machine the Quadra 800 (or 840AV in the case of the one used here). I used to use one when I worked for Cable & Wireless back in '97 - until they replaced it with a Dell Optiplex GXa. The Dell may have been faster, but I'd have rather kept the Quadra on my desk.

Anyway, here's one of my own (sadly with a duff power supply). I was asked how the motherboard of this machine was accessed so I hacked mine apart........

Disclaimer follows:

It's important to note that messing around in any electrical device is dangerous. If you are not technically minded or confident in your abilities, don't go removing any screws. These instructions are just a guide - you follow them at your own risk. You should also be careful handling the internals of a computer. You should follow antistatic precautions or you may cause damage.

1. Loosen the four thumb-screws on the rear of the case and pull off the cover.

2. With the cover removed, the rear of the motherboard is visible.

3. Pull the cables from the connectors along the top edge of the motherboard. These cables go to the floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, speaker, PSU and internal SCSI bus. Note that the PSU connector is a locking connector so release the plastic clip on it as you pull it off.

4. Disconnect the AV connectors (if fitted) from the component side of the motherboard inside the case.

5. Disconnect the LED cable from the connector along the front edge of the motherboard.

6. Undo the central retaining screw.

7. Slide the motherboard towards the front of the case. It should move about a centimetre forward.

8. Use your thumb to lift the plastic retaining clamp next to the SCSI connector along the top edge of the board.

9. Swing the top edge of the board out towards you and slide it forwards clear of the case.

10. The board once removed showing:

A: 72 pin SIMM Memory slots (x4)
B: V-RAM (Video Memory) slots (x4)
C: P-RAM Battery
D: Processor
E: NuBus expansion slots (x3)

Refitting is the reversal of the above procedures.

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