As with a lot of Apple kit, this is a bit of a head scratcher at first but there really isn't a lot to it.

I feel a dull disclaimer coming on first though.....

It's important to note that messing around in any electrical device is dangerous. If you are not technically minded or confident in your abilities, don't go removing any screws. These instructions are just a guide - you follow them at your own risk. You should also be careful handling the internals of a computer. You should follow antistatic precautions or you may cause damage.

1. On each side, behind the front flap, on the ivory part of the case you will see three horizontal indents. Use your thumbs to pinch these inwards.

2. With the sides pinched in, lift up the top of the case and remove it.

3. Congratulations. You now have access to the docking bay, Video RAM slot (1x 30 PIN SIMM) and I/O board holding the SCSI and NuBus controllers. The model pictured below also has an optional DAA adaptor fitted to connect it to an Apple Express Modem and a 68882 Maths co-processor for that extra zing when docked!

4. For further disassembly, unplug the power cable from the board.

5. From under the front lip of the unit, push up and ease out the upper section (I found the best way of doing this was to turn it upside down and let gravity help).

6. With the upper section removed, flip it over to reveal the floppy drive and two NuBus slots (this model has a NuBus ethernet card fitted in one of the slots).

7. With the upper section removed the bottom of the case is pretty empty. To remove the PSU push down the two arrowed grey clips and slide out the power supply in the direction of the green arrow. It might need a bit of force.

If you're pulling one of these apart due to a faulty PSU, then you need to click here!

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