Why are you going through the challenge of taking one of these apart ? You either need to access the motherboard, storage drives or power supply. It's not necessary to disassemble everything (unless you want to access all three parts) so just follow the procedures relevant to your needs. The model pictured below is fitted with a network card. Other models may have a modem or no expansion card. This makes no difference to disassembly. If you want to know why your Performa 6200 isn't working any more, it's probably because the power supply has blown. Apple, in their wisdom, fitted a vent on the top of the case - right where you would dump a monitor! A blocked vent would cause the PSU to overheat and fail.

It's important to note that messing around in any electrical device is dangerous. If you are not technically minded or confident in your abilities, don't go removing any screws. These instructions are just a guide - you follow them at your own risk. You should also be careful handling the internals of a computer. You should follow antistatic precautions or you may cause damage.

Just follow the relevant link here:
Motherboard Access (below)
Storage Drive Access
PSU Access

Motherboard Access.

1. Remove the rear panel by pushing down the thumb tags.

2. Remove the two screws on the rear panel.

3. Pull down the wire handle and pull to remove the motherboard. It may require a sharp initial tug to unplug it's internal connector.

4. If replacing the P-RAM battery, remove it from it's Velcro fixing on the motherboard and disconnect it. Reverse the procedure to fit a new battery.

Storage Drive Access.

1. Remove the front panel. Use a flat blade screwdriver to push up the tags as below....

2. Swing the front panel off.

3. Undo the retaining screw on the metal plate and remove the plate.

4. Disconnect the hard drive ATA and power cables.

5. Lift up and slide out the floppy drive.

6. Slide out the hard drive.

7. Push up the catch under the front of the CD-Rom drive and pull it forward to remove it (you may need to give it an initial tug to unplug it from it's internal connector).

PSU Access.

Follow step 1 in the motherboard removal instructions (above).
Follow steps 1 and 2 in the storage drive removal instructions (above).

1. Remove the two screws on the upper back cover and remove the cover.

2. Prise up the lip of the unit from the front with a flat blade screwdriver and push it forwards from the back. The side panels may drop off with the lid removed (they can be easily clipped back on).

3. Undo the two screws on the top rear of the unit.

4. Pull the top lid forwards to remove it. Beware of the floppy cable which runs through a clip on the underside.

5. The opened machine (minus storage drives & motherboard).

6. To remove the PSU, firstly uncouple the main power connector.

7. Unplug the connector for the front panel switches and indicators.

8. Unplug the two-pin fan connector.

9. Undo the power supply retaining screw.

10. Lift out the upper rear section housing the fan and monitor connector.

11. Remove the power supply.

... and that's it. Reverse the instructions to reassemble.

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